There are three categories of addictions:

Illegal addictions like cocaine, heroin, marijuana, methamphetamine, etc.

•       Legal addictions like alcohol, caffeine, sugar, over-the-counter addictions

•       Behavioral addictions like gambling, video gaming, “love” addiction, sex addiction, etc.

Conventional treatment outcomes are very poor and the common belief is that addiction is life-long and relapses are frequent.  Subsequent to detoxification of addictive sources and development of motivation to pursue resolution, the ETT® addictive treatment, referred to as the Addiction Template Model offers the following different outcomes:

•       Elimination of emotional distress within minutes

•       Cessation of addictive craving

•       Elimination of relapses subsequent to completion of therapy

•       Targeting and changing the brain’s addictive brain pattern

•       Rapid relief of co-occurring disorders

•       Quick access to non-conscious related emotional memory

•       Application to a wide variety of types of addiction

•       Elimination of the underlying addictive template to yield long-term relief of addictive symptoms

•       Correcting addictive patterns without the use of medications

•       Unusually rapid relief of addictive behaviors